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An allergic study day on: “Upgrading handwashing and rubbing teeth in university circles”

Within the framework of awareness-raising scientific activities in the university center and the Maghreb University Health Week from 18 to 24 February and on 20 February 2018, in the presence of the Rector of Blida University 2 Lounici Ali Professor Prof. Khaled Ramoul organized the university prosecutor in charge of external relations and cooperation and activation and communication and scientific events and represented Dr. Salima Massrati and in cooperation with the Scientific and Cultural Club “Elite” and under the auspices of laboratories VENUS and VAGUE DE FRAICHEUR.

The event was attended by Dr. Bouhamid Rabeh of the Faculty of Medicine, Blida University, Prof. Kamal Bouzidi of the Islamic University of Khroubh, Ms. Koueider El Wahda Nada from the Public Institution for Juvenile Health in Mouzaia, and Ms. Taouj Amna from the General Dentistry Clinic Zaabana. Dr. Ayadi Said from Blida University.

The day also witnessed a high turnout of students and professors from the University of Blida 2 and during the school day several interventions and debates very valuable in the health, religious and social aspects of hand washing and rubbing teeth highlighting the risks and complications resulting from the lack of attention to hand and dental hygiene in the university community Know the presence and intense circulation of students and their admission to public places common use such as halls, doors, restaurants, toilets ….

An exhibition of hygiene products was held on the sidelines of the school day by VENUS and VAGUE DE FRAICHEUR laboratories.

The laboratories of VENUS and VAGUE DE FRAICHEUR also provided samples of handwash and toothpaste free of charge and distributed to students for motivation and good practice of behavior.

The aim of the allergic school day is to spread the culture of healthy behaviors about hand and dental hygiene to preserve the health of students and make it a daily culture that must be adhered to in the university environment for public safety.