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A historical forum to commemorate shahid’s national day

In commemoration of Martyrs’ Day, a national forum carries the name:

“El-Modjaheed Captain Ali Lounici” held at the University of Blida 2.

In presence of guests of honor:

  • El-Mudjaheed Ali Lonici Family;
  • Director of El-Mudjaheed museum ,Mms LAARANI Naima;
  • Director of Historical Wilaya IV Memory Foundation M. BOUSLIMANI Hamdan;
  • El- Mudjaheed BOUREGAA Omar;

In presence of members of Blida 2 University:

  • The Rector of the University;
  • Vice-Rectors;
  • Secretary General;
  • Director of Inside Center;
  • Sub-directors of sport and Cultural Activities;
  • Central Services Staff ;
  • Social partners;
  • Clubs representatives and Student;

The historical forum aims at introducing the National Shahid day, and recalling this historical event as well as the need to revive scientific events linked to national memory.

At the end of the meeting, Mujaheed Ali Lounici  family is honored by the Rector of the University “ Dr.Pr Adel MEZOUGH”.