Tasks Rector’s Tasks

Department of building and equipping the university aims to build the university’s pedagogical and administrative structures and follow up the construction and equip them with the latest available technologies.

The Department shall have the following functions:

  • Investigating and gathering the necessary information to prepare development plans in order to materialize investment projects, whether in the field of construction or processing.
  • Proposal, according to needs, the central departments of the Ministry of the will and registration of investment projects in the field of construction or equipment.
  • Preparation and preparation after the approval of the Ministry of the will, legal mechanisms and procedures for the implementation of the projects to be completed, where it prepares the books of conditions for programmed projects, publicity through national announcements for the purpose of competition, the preparation of agreements and deals resulting from the competition after evaluating the offers of exhibiting institutions.
  • Follow-up field and financial after the start in the implementation of development projects registered.
  • Receive completed projects, whether they have a central management, such as projects managed by the university directorate or decentralized, such as the project managed by the directorate of housing and public equipment directorates of the province of Blida or Blida University.
  • Ensuring the preparation of scientific research laboratories of the University of Blida 2, which is estimated at fifteen laboratories.

Department of Statistics and Foresight

The Department of Statistics and Supervision is under the organizational supervision of the Vice-President of the University Directorate for Development, Foresight and Guidance. The Department is composed of a head of the Department and a statistical engineer.

The mission of the Department of Statistics and Foresight is to collect and count all matters related to our university in terms of student, professors, workers and all the pedagogical and administrative structures of the offices of workers, or offices of professors, and everything related to the census side of the censuses of colleges and departments Censuses of all divisions and disciplines that exist and evolve over the years.

Its mission is also limited to the process of forward-looking, which means the set of expectations that are assumed for the development of the future and always be based on what is present in the present with a set of proposals that are studied by the relevant officials who are aware of the existing data or supports in the university (professors) Thus, there are suggestions for the future about the pedagogical places that can be provided to improve the educational level of students.

In general, the tasks of the Statistics and Prospective Department are as follows:

  • Preparing the annual statistics of the structures and the development of the student population at the university. The Department provides the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with these statistics through.
  • Preliminary statistical investigation of university entrance.
  • Final statistical outcome.
  • Human resources statistics.
  • Statistics of university services and cultural and sports activities.
  • Statistics related to scientific research.
  • Statistics of Algerian male students related to the national service.
  • The Department provides the Directorate of Programming and Budgetary Follow-up and the Directorate of Organization and Public Affairs with periodic statistics of structures and students and updates them as required.
  • Gather the necessary elements for the preparation of university development plans.
  • Conducting every prospective study on the expectations of developing the student census of the university and suggesting every action in order to ensure them, especially in the field of the development of pedagogical and administrative framing.
  • Keeping the statistical card of the university and keeping it updated periodically.

Information and Guidance Service

This department is responsible for all matters related to media and dissemination of information after collecting and selecting them for the benefit of university students by distributing information and numbers that reflect the results reached by the university and using in this regard all available means such as social networking sites, open doors and school days.

This department is responsible for guiding the student and helping him to shape his academic future. Guidance is an educational process aimed at maturing the personality of the student by developing their own aspects in their relationship with the ocean and society, and to help them draw the parameters of their academic and professional future in a way that is consistent with their needs and preferences. , To be able to position and adapt to the variables of the self and the environment, and able to consciously and consciously from the development of a personal project.

In general, the tasks of the Guidance and Information Department are as follows:

  • Preparation of media support in the field of educational path guaranteed by the university and its professional outlets.
  • Contribute to guide students in various stages and accompany new students with the provision of information related to the University.
  • Put at the disposal of students all the information that will help them choose their guidance.
  • Promotion of student information activities.
  • Coordinate with various departments working in the field of media inside and outside the university.
  • Coordination with the sub-directorate of scientific, cultural and sports activities inside and outside the university