Vice Rector

The vice-rectorate in charge of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication, and Scientific Events is tasked with connecting the university to the outside world, ensuring its participation in scientific and managerial development within the university itself and in the socio-economic environment. To promote and coordinate scientific and academic activities between our university and other higher education institutions at the national and international levels, the vice-rectorate is committed to enriching and diversifying its cooperation sector by seeking interested and mutually beneficial partners for fruitful collaboration.

In this regard, the activities of the vice-rectorate focus on:

– Contributing to the establishment of international academic and scientific networks facilitating the sharing of best practices and skills valorization in bilateral or multilateral collaboration.
– Developing cooperation research projects, such as Erasmus+ CBHE projects.
– Researching and developing co-diploma training within the framework of international twinning cooperation.
– Promoting student and academic/administrative staff mobility. For example, the Erasmus+ ICM K171 mobility.
– Promoting cultural and linguistic diversity within the university by encouraging intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among different members of the academic community.

In addition to the cooperation aspect, the vice-rectorate is committed to ensuring the dissemination of information and news related to its activities to various internal and external audiences. To facilitate knowledge exchange and research valorization within the university. Our vice-rectorate also aims to coordinate and facilitate the organization of large-scale scientific events such as conferences, symposiums, and congresses at both national and international levels.

Leading this vice-rectorate at Blida2 – Lounici Ali University is a great honor for me, and it is a pleasure to work alongside the administrative staff to fulfill the aforementioned missions.

The Vice-Rector
Dr Safa Ouled Haddar


Phone: 025 25 01 09