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The Rector’s Message

It is really a great honor to be appointed head of the University of Blida 2 which has been named after Ali Lounici the heroic freedom fighter. I am also proud to be the third rector of this institution whichtries to reach the standards of quality, distinction and leadership in the different fields of science and culture during an era of national and international transformations witnessed by the higher education system.

We realize that our responsibility is getting more and more important during this crucial period. In fact, higher education has become an essential bridge toward acquiring knowledge. Getting into the world of knowledge is made possible by investing in scientific research in a way that enables promoting the human being. It has also become possible thanks to the great efforts made by the Algerian government aiming at organizing higher education to increase the competency of the final product of the training process.

Despite the great achievements of Blida 2 University, the path of success is still long and we can set more objectives so as to adapt our institution to the requirements of sustainable development in order to satisfy the needs of a society based on knowledge. Therefore, it is vital for our university to put forward a strategy to achieve the international standards of quality, distinction and leadership.

Taking into consideration the national strategy put forward by the supervising Ministry concerning the adoption of the university project fixing a style of governance for the sector of highereducation and scientific research, the University of Blida 2 has designed a strategic plan. The latter will help develop the scientific and research abilities according to the local, continental and international challenges through the creation of the appropriate environment meeting international standards.

The University’s pursuit of quality, distinction and leadership requires the establishment of signs of an orientation toward a leading training ensuring the preservation of a balance between fundamental and practical research. At the same time, it encourages topic research oriented toward invention and linking the University with its socio-economic environment.

To achieve the goals set in the strategic plan, we have proceeded to the formation of committees in charge of determining the priorities and fixing the main execution indicators and the targeted training results in the different specialties. They are also in charge of computerizing the administrative work and unifying the objectives in preparation of the adoption of the university project which consolidates a new era of excellence. This will enable the University to gain a leading position at the national and international levels along with a high reputation and to occupy the status it deserves among the most prominent universities. Moreover, it would become more committed to the standards of quality and more creative in scientific research and training.

For this reason, my aim as Rector of the University of Blida 2- Lounici Ali is to ensure that it takes part effectively and for the first time since it has been created in all the competitive activities by making it perform, in a balanced way, its mission as a university which is providing knowledge and developing abilities. The ultimate goal being reaching the highest performance levels and consolidating thought and values. This is possible if our university carries out its missions related to training, scientific research, public or social services.

Professor Ramoul Khaled Rector of the University