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The House of Entrepreneurship

Who are we?

In implementation of the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dar Al-Muqawaliya was established at the level of Blida University 2 as a platform for exchanging ideas and ideas related to Muqawaliya, according to a modern scientific approach combining academic approach and professional field experience.

The House of Contracting for Blida University 2 is structured in the form of a joint leadership committee comprising: representatives from Blida University 2, representatives from the National Agency for Supporting Youth Employment, Blida State Branch, and a representative from the Directorate of Employment of Blida Province. To promote entrepreneurial thought in the university community and promote entrepreneurship for students to create their projects. It also supports creativity and innovation and works to create a real impact on the local economy by supporting students in their ambitions.

Our motto

“Make your future”

Rate us

Audacity, creativity, participation, training, commitment, professionalism, excellence.

Our Mission

We seek to be a pole for entrepreneurial training of students so that they are committed to the courage in their ideas… creativity in their work… participation in their decisions… commitment in their principles… professionalism in their dealings… Inside and outside the home.

Our Vision

Leadership in building a conscious generation of students capable of making their own future and the future of their homeland.

Our mission

  • Receiving, mentoring and accompanying students with ideas to reflect their projects on the ground;
  • Spreading awareness and entrepreneurial culture among university students;
  • Development of training programs for the establishment and management of start-ups;
  • Sensitizing students to the importance of establishing institutions and stimulating their creativity;
  • Establishing and strengthening networking with various economic actors in the region;
  • Contribute to the creation of economic and social value;
  • Promote scientific research in the field of entrepreneurship.