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Master enrollment 2019-2020

Pursuant to Ministerial Circular No. 02 of 04 July 2019, the University of Blida 2 announces the opening of applications for enrollment in the Masters phase for the academic year 2019/2020 (80% share) in the specializations shown in the attached tables (offers of training in the Master).

Holders of the Bachelor degree graduating from Blida University, batch 2019, wishing to apply for the first year Master enrollment through the university’s website https://univ-blida2.dz, by filling the form and sent by e-mail each according to his college, in two periods:

First Period: July 25, 2019 to August 25, 2019 (fill out your wish card and send it via email)

Second period (supplementary period): from 03 September 2019 to 09 September 2019

Candidate presence is necessary in the second period.

Important Notes :

  • For students with a bachelor’s degree before 2019 (internal and external) the calendar will be determined by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research later through the floor of Progress.
  • Starting July 25, registration in the Master is via the link: http://univ-blida2.dz/inscription_master_2019_2020

How to register:

Download the form, fill it out and register it on your computer (your phone, tablet) and send it to one of the following e-mail addresses depending on your college:

Faculty of Arts and Languages:

– Field of Arabic Language and Literature: inscriptionmaster20192020.lett@gmail.com

– Field of foreign languages: inscriptionmaster20192020.letr@gmail.com

Faculty of Law and Political Science: inscriptionmaster20192020.droit@gmail.com

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: inscriptionmaster20192020.shs@gmail.com

Faculty of Economics, Business Sciences and Management Sciences: inscriptionmaster20192020.eco@gmail.com

Download the application in Arabic

Download the form in French (this form is for the French Department)

Download Honorary Permit

Download Publication No. 02 of July 04, 2019 on Candidacy, Orientation and Enrollment in Master Studies for the Academic Year 2019-2020