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Exchange and cooperation agreement between the University of Blida 2 and the National Higher School for the Deaf and Dumb

On 24-04-2023, the rector of the University of Blida 2 Lounici Ali, Prof. Khaled Ramoul, received, together with the vice-rectors, the deans of the faculties and the Secretary General of the university, the head of the National Higher School for the Deaf and Dumb and the delegation that accompanied him.

During his opening speech, Prof. Ramoul indicated that the aim of the InSIDE project is part of the program of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which aims to devote the digitization of the sector and distance education for the benefit of students with disabilities, enrolled in different higher education institutions. In this context, comes the wish of the University of Blida 2 to benefit from the experience of the N.H.S.D.D., which is considered the first school in Africa of its kind. Prof. Ramoul also stressed the need to reflect on the co-organization of joint meetings between the two institutions for the benefit of SWD.

With regard to inter-university thematic networks, the rector confirmed that the university planned to involve the ENSSM in the development of a project for the benefit of people with disabilities, with compulsory education provided in English.

As far as she is concerned, Dr. Sarah Kouider Rabah, vice-rector in charge of external relations and cooperation, introduced InSIDE, which targets more particularly the Maghreb countries, and explained in detail its progress and its objectives.

In particular, she stated that the above mentioned project aims to develop accessible, comprehensive, effective, educational distance learning programs for the benefit of students with visual, hearing and physical impairments.

The axes of the project include, according to Dr. Kouider Rabah, three main pillars: educational equipment, the distance education system, skills and educational programs.

The vice-rector of Relex also mentioned the stages of implementation of InSIDE, which, at the beginning, had face-to-face meetings in Tunisia, Hungary and Greece, respectively. During Covid-19, meetings became regular in virtual
mode, and training of trainers took place and focused in a first stage on digital programs and applications. In a second stage, 50 professors, technicians and engineers affiliated with the University of Blida 2, all faculties combined, were trained, and in a final stage, 26 students with impairments, from the same
university, benefited from the training.

It should be noted that on the sidelines of this meeting, an exchange and cooperation agreement was signed between the university of Blida 2 and the N.H.S.D.D. The agreement covers areas of cooperation between the two institutions: the exchange of visits by the teaching staff, the exchange of visits between students of the two institutions, the development of scientific research by facilitating and encouraging cooperation, the exchange of publications, works
and scientific documents, the exchange of information on the programs of scientific events.