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Training for students with impairments at the University of Blida 2 Lounici Ali

On the morning of Sunday, 03/12/2023, Prof. Said Boukhaouche, vice-rector in charge of pedagogy, supervised on behalf of the rector, Prof. Khaled Ramoul, the launch of the InSIDE training at the center of the same name, located in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The training, which will take place from March 12 to 16, is entitled Inclusion of students with impairments in distance education.
Were present at the training launch ceremony, the vice-rector in charge of scientific research and post-graduation, Prof. Nasreddine Bouhassein, the vice-rector in charge of development, forecasting and orientation, Prof. Adel Mazough, and the former dean of the faculty of letters and languages, Prof. Dalila Brakni.
Prof. Boukhaouche declared during his opening speech that the handicap of whatever nature should not be an obstacle to the will of the students, in view of the advanced technological means available, in particular at the level of the InSIDE center, which aims to rehabilitate and elevate the abilities, skills and talents of students with impairments.
Embodying the commitment of the President of the Republic to achieve social justice and integral education, the vice rector in charge of pedagogy indicated that the University of Blida 2 is preparing a twinning agreement with the Higher School of Professors of deaf-mutes of Béni Messous, which is mainly based on the pairing between speech therapy and sign language, and which is provided with technical and pedagogical methods that guarantee the best training for students with impairments.
For his part, the vice rector in charge of development, forecasting and orientation, pointed out that the University of Blida 2 is one of the five Algerian universities that have benefited from equipment for students with impairments, in partnership with the European Union, while indicating that the InSIDE Center is subject to a particular attention from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Kamal Badari.
For his part, the dean of the faculty of humanities and social sciences said that the InSIDE training program targets students with impairments, enrolled at the above mentioned university, while recalling that the program is part of the ERASMUS + project, concluded with the European Union, and supervised by a Greek university. This project aims to give students the opportunity to receive distance education.
As for Dr. Rafika Hafdallah, teacher and researcher in charge of monitoring the training, the latter specified during her opening speech that the training period from which the students will benefit will be a full week, from 12 to 16 March in progress, with the possibility of an extension of two additional days, in order to allow students to acquire a good command of the applications and tools made available by the InSIDE Center. Dr. Hafdallah added that the training session is based on two main parts. The first part is linked to the presentation of the main theoretical axes of the project in relation to the process of including people with impairments in everything related to distance education, while the second part is practical and relates to mastery of the use of technological equipment and applications provided by the InSIDE Center.