Vice Rector

The vice-president in charge of external relations, cooperation, animation, communication and scientific events seeks to build a better future by developing a scientific and didactic space open to other fields especially the economic one. It is concerned with all aspects in relation with students and teachers’ environment. This is due to our determination to enhance the visibility of the University of Blida 2.

The future of our digital world encourages us to create and achieve a training mechanism aiming at providing the different components which allow the development of our University in a world constantly in change. Therefore, the objective of all the conventions and the projects of partnership is to favor bilateral work between our University and its environment. This is possible thanks to long-term services that ensure the best atmosphere for creativity and reflection to the community living within this space.

The province of Blida is well known by its glorious history reflecting signs of knowledge and culture. The University of Blida 2 holds more than 35000 students from all around the country. Hence we are responsible for their training and their openness to all the opportunities that our institution offers. We aspire by this noble mission to work for the prosperity and well-being of the student as well as to support them regularly in their scientific and educational endeavor.

Through our various projects, we embody the values and aspirations that allow students to focus on their cultural and sports well-being. This is our ultimate goal. Our responsibility does not only depend on promotion, construction and communication, but also goes beyond the simple plan of action of the manager’s profession to a social and human responsibility.

Partnerships and the other related aspects such as the logistical means of our university and its collaborators, in terms of human capital, creativity and resources allow us to build bridges between two key aspects: modernization and the ability to provide employment opportunities. This is a necessary alternative to a prosperous student life.

We all hope the community of our university including the teaching staff, the administrators and the students will together fulfill our commitments in our shared sense of responsibility and solidarity.




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