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Results of doctoral competitions for the academic year 2019/2018

Field of Humanities and Social Sciences

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The field of economic, commercial and management sciences

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Law and Political Science

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The field of Arabic language and literature

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The field of literature and foreign languages

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Components of the successful candidates for the PhD (2018/2019) who are in the reserve lists.

After our sincere congratulations, we know all the successful candidates in the PhD contests and who are on the reserve lists that they should join the relevant faculties with the following file:

  1. A copy of the baccalaureate certificate
  2. A copy of both the first phase (Bachelor) and the second phase (Master)
  3. Copy of points statements for the first phase (Bachelor) and the second phase (Master)
  4. A copy of the descriptive document (descriptive appendix) of the acquired knowledge and qualifications attached to the master’s certificate
  5. Honorary statement not to register in the PhD department at another university (certified copy)
  6. Birth certificate (No. 12)
  7. A copy of the national identity card
  8. License from the employing authority of the wage candidate
  9. Two photographs

Very Important Note: Every successful student must join the faculty concerned within a period not exceeding fifteen days (15 days) from the date of publication of this announcement of the results.